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  Mens Sana Monographs
A Monograph Series Devoted To The Understanding Of Medicine, Mental Health, Man, Mind, Music And Their Matrix
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  Call for papers for MSM 2012 /2013

Psychopharmacology And Biological Psychiatry Today  

  1. The Fundamental Presuppositions Of Psychopharmacology.
  2. The Fundamental Presuppositions Of Biological Psychiatry.
  3. The Fundamental Presuppositions Of Biological Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology.
  4. Medicalisation Of Life Issues: Is Psychopharmacology The Culprit?
  5. The Biological And The Psychosocial: Areas Of Connect And Disconnect.
  6. What To Give And What To Avoid In Psychiatric Patients With Heart Disease?
  7. What To Give And What To Avoid In Cardiac Patients With Psychiatric Problems?
  8. Special Care In Prescribing Psychoactive Drugs In The Child And Adolescent.
  9. The Mood Stabilizers In Pregnancy And Lactation.
  10. Psychotropics drugs, Pregnancy And Lactation.
  11. Anticholinergic Side Effects Of Psychoactive Drugs: The Problem And The Solution. 
  12. Psychotropics In Neurological Disorders. 
  13. Suicide And Antidepressants: What Current Evidence Indicates.
  14. Treatment Resistant Depression.
  15. Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia.
  16. Psychostimulants For ADHD: The Rationale And Current Trends.
  17. Psychiatric Medication After Marriage: Some Useful Thumb Rules.
  18. How And When To Change Over From One Drug To Another In Schizophrenia.
  19. How And When To Change Over From One Drug To Another In Depression.
  20. How And When To Change Over From One Drug To Another In Bipolar Disorders.
  21. The Case For And Against Polytherapy In Psychiatric Disorders.
  22. Stigma And Noncompliance.
  23. Psychotropics In Dementia
  24. Psychotropics In Parkinsonism
  25. The Placebo Effect In Psychiatry.
  26. Drug Assisted Psychotherapy.
  27. Drug Cost And Compliance.
  28. The Case For And Against Narcoanalysis In Psychiatry.
  29. The Future Of Psychopharmacology.
  30. The Pharmacotherapy Of Neurotic Disorders
  31. Drug-Drug Interaction Between Psychoactive Drugs And Others: Some Useful Thumb Rules.
  32. Unresolved Issues In The Psychopharmacology And Biology Of Schizophrenia
  33. Unresolved Issues In The Psychopharmacology And Biology Of Major Depression
  34. Unresolved Issues In The Psychopharmacology And Biology Of Bipolar Disorders
  35. Unresolved Issues In The Psychopharmacology And Biology Of Personality Disorders
  36. ICD And DSM
  37. Nosology And Biological Psychiatry
  38. Nosology And Phenomenology
  39. Jaspers, Kraeplin And Biological Psychiatry
  40. The Biopsychosocial And The Biological
  41. Kraepelin, Nosology, Biological Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology
  42. The Neurobiology Of Mental Disorders
  43. The Neuroimaging Of Mental Disorders
  44. Psychotherapy And Psychopharmacology: When And How To Combine?
  45. Psychopharmacology And The Aetiology Of Mental Disorders
  46. Biology And The Aetiology Of Mental Disorders
  47. Psychopharmacology And Biological Psychiatry: Areas Of Connect And Disconnect
  48. What To Be Careful About While Combining Two Or More Psychoactive Drugs.
  49. What To Be Careful About While Combining Psychoactive Drugs With Other Drugs.
  50. The Noncompliant Patient: The Case For And Against Covert/Surreptitious Medication.
  51. Drug Therapy Of Schizophrenia: Current Trends.
  52. Drug Therapy Of Depression: Current Trends.
  53. Drug Therapy Of Bipolar Disorders: Current Trends.
  54. Drug Therapy Of Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis: Current Trends.
  55. Drug Therapy Of ADHD: Current Trends.
  56. Drug Therapy Of Personality Disorders: Current Trends.
  57. Ethical Issues In Psychopharmacology.
  58. Current Status Of Nonpharmacological Interventions In Psychiatry.
  59. Psychoactive Medications In End Of Life Situations.
  60. What Care Givers And Nursing Staff Need To Ensure About Psychoactive Drug Compliance.
  61. The Well Read Psychiatric Patient And Drug Compliance.
  62. Changing Societal Attitudes Towards Psychiatric Medication And Psychiatry.
  63. ECT And Psychoactive Drugs: How To Combine And What To Guard Against.
  64. Psychiatric Medication And Renal Disease.
  65. Combining Drug Treatment With Psychotherapy: The Case For And Against.
  66. The Case Of The Antipsychiatrist: Why Do They Oppose Psychiatric Medication In Particular And Psychiatry In General?
  67. Biological Psychiatry And Anti-psychiatryry
  68. Issues Of Drug Compliance In Psychopharmacology.
  69. Drug-drug Interactions.
  70. Biological Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology.
  71. Patient Welfare And Psychopharmacological Research.
  72. Patient Welfare And Biological Research

Authors must convey their topics selected from the above by 15th April 2011. They maybe more than one topic for one paper, but not more than three. Please check topic availability with the editor. Full paper for potential publication should reach the Editor in Microsoft Word format by 30th June 2011.

Dr. Ajai Singh M.D.,
Mens Sana Monographs,
Medicine. Mental Health. Mind. Man, And their Matrix.

Mens Sana Research Foundation,
14,Shiv Kripa, Trimurty Road,
Nahur, Mulund(W), Mumbai-400080, INDIA.

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