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  Mens Sana Monographs
A Monograph Series Devoted To The Understanding Of Medicine, Mental Health, Man, Mind, Music And Their Matrix
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This article has been cited by
1The Relationship between Insecure Attachment to Depression: Mediating Role of Sleep and Cognitive Reappraisal
Yige Liu,Hongfan Li,Xiayue Xu,Yukun Li,Zhutao Wang,Huan Zhu,Xia Zhang,Shan Jiang,Naling Li,Simeng Gu,Fushun Wang,Jason H. Huang
Neural Plasticity.2020;2020()1
2Astroglial hydro-ionic waves guided by the extracellular matrix: An exploratory model
Alfredo Pereira,Reinoud Maex
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3A fluorescence turn-on biosensor based on transferrin encapsulated gold nanoclusters for 5-hydroxytryptamine detection
Qiuyue Sha,Bingyang Sun,Chen Yi,Ruixue Guan,Jian Fei,Zhaoyu Hu,Bifeng Liu,Xin Liu
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical.2019;294(1)177
4The projective theory of consciousness: from neuroscience to philosophical psychology
Alfredo Pereira Jr.
5A Model for Basic Emotions Using Observations of Behavior in Drosophila
Simeng Gu,Fushun Wang,Nitesh P. Patel,James A. Bourgeois,Jason H. Huang
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6The ‘Self’ Aspects: the Sense of the Existence, Identification, and Location
J. Shashi Kiran Reddy,Sisir Roy,Edilene de Souza Leite,Alfredo Pereira Jr
Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science.2019;53(3)463
7The ‘Self’ Aspects: the Sense of the Existence, Identification, and Location
Conor P. Murphy,Nicolas Singewald
Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science.2019;53(3)463
8The Neural Mechanism Underlying Cognitive and Emotional Processes in Creativity
Simeng Gu,Mengdan Gao,Yaoyao Yan,Fushun Wang,Yi-yuan Tang,Jason H. Huang
Frontiers in Psychology.2018;9(3)463
9Suppression of behavioral activity and hippocampal noradrenaline caused by surgical stress in type 2 diabetes model mice
Momoka Nishimura,Yuki Nomura,Moritoki Egi,Norihiko Obata,Makoto Tsunoda,Satoshi Mizobuchi
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10Neuromodulators and Long-Term Synaptic Plasticity in Learning and Memory: A Steered-Glutamatergic Perspective
Amjad H. Bazzari,H. Rheinallt Parri
Brain Sciences.2019;9(11)300
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