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  Mens Sana Monographs
A Monograph Series Devoted To The Understanding Of Medicine, Mental Health, Man, Mind, Music And Their Matrix
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This article has been cited by
1Could autonomic system assessment be helpful in disorders of consciousness diagnosis? A neurophysiological study
Antonino Leo,Antonino Naro,Antonio Cannav˛,Laura Rosa Pisani,Rocco Bruno,Carlo Salviera,Placido Bramanti,Rocco Salvatore Calabr˛
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2Neural correlates of visuospatial consciousness in 3D default space: Insights from contralateral neglect syndrome
Ravinder Jerath,Molly W. Crawford
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3Quantum effects in the brain: A review
Betony Adams,Francesco Petruccione
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4Quantum effects in the brain: A review
Kostas N. Fountoulakis,Ioannis Nimatoudis,Xenia Gonda
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5Cortical connectivity modulation induced by cerebellar oscillatory transcranial direct current stimulation in patients with chronic disorders of consciousness: A marker of covert cognition?
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6The ant colony as a test for scientific theories of consciousness
Daniel A. Friedman,Eirik S°vik
7The Elephant in the Mirror: Bridging the Brain's Explanatory Gap of Consciousness
Jasmine A. Berry,Alice C. Parker
Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.2017;10(3)1845
8Gamma EEG Correlates of Haptic Preferences for a Dial Interface
Wanjoo Park,Da-Hye Kim,Sung-Phil Kim,Jong-Hwan Lee,Laehyun Kim
IEEE Access.2018;6(3)22324
9What Explains Consciousness? Or...What Consciousness Explains?
DonelsonE Dulany
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10On the Character of Consciousness
Arto Annila
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11A new look to coma from the viewpoint of nonlinear dynamics
Sara Kamali,Shahriar Gharibzadeh,Sajad Jafari
Nonlinear Dynamics.2018;92(4)2119
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