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  Mens Sana Monographs
A Monograph Series Devoted To The Understanding Of Medicine, Mental Health, Man, Mind, Music And Their Matrix
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Year : 2015  |  Volume : 13  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 208-218
Total Reference List MSM 2015

Date of Web Publication16-Mar-2015

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Rights and PermissionsRights and Permissions

Indian Womanhood: Some Psychological Concepts

Dhanalakshmi De Sousa and Avinash De Sousa [(p16-22)]


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Looking Back at the Years 1970-1984: A Personal View

V. Pradhan [(p23-30)]


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Child: A Learning Model and a Bi-directional Phenomenon

Priyvadan C. Shastri [(p31-47)]


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Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry in India with Focus on Mumbai

Ramesh R. Patel [(p53-59)]


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Psychiatric Thoughts in Ancient India

Ravi Abhyankar [(p60-70)]


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Jaina Religion and Psychiatry

Manilal Gada [(p71-82)]


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Psychiatry and Law: Past, Present and Future

Ravindra M. Kamath [(p106-114)]


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Modern Parenthood through the Eyes of a Psychiatrist

Manoj Bhatawdekar [(p126-134)]


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Invest in Family

Nilesh Shah and Avinash De Sousa [(p135-143)]


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Crime and Psychiatry

Yusuf Matcheswalla and Avinash De Sousa [(p144-150)]


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The role of a Psychiatric Society: Aligning our aims to needs of the community [(p157-165)]

Henal R. Shah


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Mumbai Psychiatry: Current Obstacles*

Sanjay V. Bagadia [(p172-180)]


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Changing Medical Students' Attitudes to Psychiatry through Newer Teaching Techniques

Ajita Nayak [(p181-187)]


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Blueprint for an Indian Nobel Laureate in Psychiatry

Ajai R. Singh


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